Words close to mines heart… Words that were hard to hear, Words I cant live without… Roses for each Occasion, Red to symbolize The Love; The Pain, Green to symbolize The Process, The Progression, The Lesson, How did you get there, how did you convince yourself it was okay, To say what you say only […]

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My Unspoken truly, II

Acceptance is what we fight for in the world Recognition that we are the same yet different in other landmarks We often throw our idea of reasonable explanations in the air Hoping to find a haven of escape where excuse is vouchsafe Making excuses to why we exclusively don’t care Regrettably the consequences, our harsh […]

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Have you at any one point wanted to run away from it all? Wished that there was a place where worldly uncertainties never fazed you, where you are just happy, peaceful, and carefree? Have you ever been somewhere or with someone that made you feel like you’d want nothing more than to stay right there […]

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At my glance…

“You Mongrel! Why do you howl When it is I who am bitten?” … Thus the beginning of my amazing Shakespeare In Love journey… the story behind the story of Romeo and Juliet by the famous William Shakespeare. It’s important to note that this story was almost never told; oh how I thank my lucky […]

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Beautiful Readers, I know that this is coming in late in the year seeing as we are already walking into the the third month of the year in a few days. But as the great English man once said, it’s better late than never. And so with that said.. Happy New year and welcome to […]

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Chasing life… We do it everyday as we try to face the day, Then the night comes and everything turns to grey, Chasing dreams… Separating us from the world’s that could be to the one that actually is, Our reliance on imagery to create what could be… the fantasy, Maybe it’s just our lack of […]

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My Unspoken truly…

Falling in and out of empty spaces, There’s a lot of gaps that need replacing, Time flies by leaving me behind, If only I treated them with that respect, that tender love and care I give to everyday… Maybe then it wouldn’t be the same; maybe it would seem like I made a slight effort […]

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