My Unspoken truly…

Falling in and out of empty spaces,

There’s a lot of gaps that need replacing,

Time flies by leaving me behind,

If only I treated them with that respect, that tender love and care I give to everyday…

Maybe then it wouldn’t be the same; maybe it would seem like I made a slight effort into achieving what is real… what’s for me?

I question through the night…

As I stare at my reflection, right now what should be my reflection, could be my reflection; A reflection,

I ponder on; is it possible to see so clear yet so distant into my future

A vague unreachable future; Pointless, unforeseeable even… a pigment of my imagination,

Because who even knows what I see is actually there… is it actually there?

I figure time has trapped me in an emotional trance that made it possible to merge with my physical aside…

Hands seem strange; I could take advantage and marry them into the open… I should marry into the open,

Falsified I feel false as if I never really knew me; what was wrong that could be right with me…

Boulders follow in a systematic order, going round in circles and I wait for my life to go out into… Hold on Wait!

My fight with my conscience; I’m lost… and I could be found

The skies that resemble my eyes…

I can see the light that shines bright right where I treat my love, my life…

… That resembles my eyes

I see the spaces fill up with life: Lines that draw the kite to fly in the sky I’m Relieved, achieved…



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