Beautiful Readers, I know that this is coming in late in the year seeing as we are already walking into the the third month of the year in a few days. But as the great English man once said, it’s better late than never. And so with that said.. Happy New year and welcome to the new and improved from yours truly.

Now these last two months I have further pondered on the future of my writing and the reading experience I would like you to have. That said I would like to let you in on my hashtag new and improved Resolution. I recently had some help in understanding that I need to do better because I can do better and not just with my writing but in all aspects of my life. We often find ourselves unable to make one of two ends meet with one reason or the other… But when the reason becomes two, It becomes 5, then ten and before you know it you are in Vicious cycle of reasons why you can’t without recognizing the reasons why you can (REASONS WHY YOU SHOULD). Therefore, for you to get the best of me I need to be the best of myself and so comes in the challenge of the month.

You see I am not the best writer there is, but as the months go by, I do hope to improve my writing skills with the help of Shakespear Literature.

* Fun fact, literature has always been a fancy of mine… Theres just something about shakespeare English that even brings out words and their meanings in a beautiful light. *

I am taking it upon myself to learn in depth the Art behind Shakespeare English. I hope to blog one or two monologues from different plays… And I will also be going on a fitness and wellness challenge, hashtag body Goals! Its going to be an Interesting Month of March, no? Plus I couldn’t think of a better birthday month present to give myself. Below are steps I will take to ensure progress with these challenges of the month. I will also keep you apprised of the Progress made while giving you a poem every week.

Morning Meditation and Reflection:

> To have the mind and Resonating on he same frequency is very important. Meditation is a skill used to restore balancebetweenour body and mind. In meditation, you experience a state of restful awareness where your body is resting deeply while your mind gains greater awareness.


Healthy Diet and eating:

> Now it is important to note that I have very poor dietary plans and because of that I am still working to find a solution to my problem. But even with that said, one thing i must emphasize on is the importance of breakfast. If we look at this word carefully, you will realise it says “break” and “fast” which means break the fast. The time period between dinner and breakfast can be between 9-12hrs depending on the time you eat dinner. But yet you find so many people (even I sometimes) skip their breakfast and the most common reson being “I am late for work”. What we fail to factor in is that this is the most important meal of the day for it determines a number of things including your productivity levels. Fruits are also ideal for snacking during the day especially when you are swamped with work and can’t get the opportunity to leave your desk as you are trying to meet deadlines and believe me, I totally understand and quite literally live in dealdines.

* I will take some time to further explore healthy living next week monday, so we have that to look forward too. yeeeey! *


Restful sleep:

> This one hits close to home for me for it have trouble sleeping well. I either do too little or do too much of it. It’s always an extreme with me and I have never understood why. However, it is important for an adult to cash in at least 7 hours of sleep at night (And get me right, this applies to ALL adults, male or female. No one is special.) Your Brain, like a computer must have some time out, aka ‘hybernation/sleep mode’. During this time the brain gets to recover from the possible overload of the previos day in order to function better and process information faster for the benefit of tomorrows ‘workload’. I also suggest power naps for those who are forced by circumstances to work crazy hours, find a space of time in tge day to ‘reboot’. I promise it has great benefits in the long run.

REMEMBER, your mental awareness is more acute with a good nights rest. As an added bonus, creativity is triggered making us more productive and better at work.


Drinking water:

> Keep yourself Hydrated! I cannot stress this enough. So many people even those close to me hardly ever take water. The reason I’ve experienced from them is mainly lack of taste. Others is it never crossed my mind or I was so busy, but there is a failure recognize the importance of water in our lives. Around 8-10 glasses of water everyday is all we need to maintain the water requirement of the body. Did you know thatwater helps in weight-loss and keeping healthy? And that 70% of our brain is made up of the same water that is critical to our body function (I believe this explains to you the reason behind dehydration migranes… Note to self.)

I hope the information above has helped and will help you in some ways. I also challenge you to join me in my first challenge of the month, we could compare notes and enjoy the growth together… I am definitely excited about mine!!! Hashtag happy dance!!! Until our next posthe lovelies, Yours truly…


3 thoughts on “Resolution

    1. Hey Josh, thank you for taking time to read and comment. You will find on my recent post you will find my brief on my first Shakespeare run… next week ill have another and so on until the month is done and well, start something different. as for the steps, I will be taking it a day at a time.


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