At my glance…

“You Mongrel! Why do you howl When it is I who am bitten?” … Thus the beginning of my amazing Shakespeare In Love journey… the story behind the story of Romeo and Juliet by the famous William Shakespeare. It’s important to note that this story was almost never told; oh how I thank my lucky stars for having this opportunity to read about it. I really enjoyed my read through this play. It’s amazing how vintage English was so Rich, and Deep, and Pure, and Romantic… It only leaves one wanting more and more.
TAKE ME BACK!!! Oh sweet vintage English language, take me back to your marvelous ways… back to the sweet erotic caress of your words, the never ending glow of your wonder and imagination, oh please take me back! If only we took time to learn, nurture and protect that kind of English today; where romance, love, and other intimate actions are expressed in a manner that shows complete sincerity because there is nowhere to hide, because your words are your bond… I believe  Men And Women could learn a thing or 5 from Shakespeare.
However, aside from the beautiful bittersweet romance that goes on between William and Viola, we are exposed to other important characters instrumental to the shaping of attitudes through out the play. My personal favorites were Henslowle; the corrupt theater owner who together with Fennyman reveals to us lessons on dishonesty, and corruption:  Fennyman; the dishonest and corrupt businessman looking to make profits from others hard work: lord Wessex; the entitled impatient man who was filled with pride because of his title and jealousy because of the love between William and Viola: The Nurse; the loving and caring mother figure that Viola never had in her mother.
From my experience with this particular story, I believe Shakespeare had a way of capturing the readers and audiences emotions by creating certain climaxes during the play that provided an understanding of exactly what he was going through; all that he faced and endured when he loved and lost a love that was forever. I totally recommend you grab yourself a copy at your nearest bookstore, its a great experience. one I’m sure will stick with you to the end.



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