My Unspoken truly, II

Acceptance is what we fight for in the world

Recognition that we are the same yet different in other landmarks

We often throw our idea of reasonable explanations in the air

Hoping to find a haven of escape where excuse is vouchsafe

Making excuses to why we exclusively don’t care

Regrettably the consequences, our harsh reality

Fictional ideas is what you call them, until the fiction rears its ugly head

                *              *             *

I used to play it safe, covering my eyes with the blinds that

Helped me act the fool, helped me stay untrue

Fought with myself, I fought myself and I’m,

Now hear me out, don’t misinterpret my reasons for acting,

And don’t falter if I don’t break on your alter,

My reasons are louder now with a standing that’s truly

But if my reasons where enough for you I wouldn’t need to defend mines’ truly.






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