Words close to mines heart…

Words that were hard to hear, Words I cant live without…

Roses for each Occasion, Red to symbolize The Love; The Pain,

Green to symbolize The Process, The Progression, The Lesson,

How did you get there, how did you convince yourself it was okay,

To say what you say only to forget what you made,

The promise you took away, The Future we almost made,

Grave it is that we stand today, Hopeless in one way Strangers everyday…

The tides have changed, I get to steer these waves,

Finally thinking ’bout me, Its about time they all see,

Your shadow didn’t last over me, my hearts Roar Helped me Breed,

My gift to you, The Last Breath I’ll Waste On You,

The Hearts flow formed a key, Those words set me free.


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